The dryer ball may explode with water

The dryer ball may explode with water

Dryer ball, I believe we are not unfamiliar, eat snacks such as seaweed, snow cake, wear clothing such as shoes, clothes and other bags can see the business dryer ball placed, the main role is moisture moisture. Our usual practice is to discard it, but there are some bear children as toys, accidentally provoke a disaster.

CCTV "news studio" has been broadcast over the case of dryer ball wounding. "He cut the bag, poured into the rainbow sugar bottle, so shake a few burst, burst into the eyes Woward called, I quickly rinse with water to help him." A province of a 5-year-old boy will be seaweed In the lime dryer ball poured into the rainbow sugar bottle blowing water bubbles, shake the bottle after the explosion, the splashing out of the liquid burns the boy eye, has caused blindness. The injured boy 's mother described, just two minutes, the boy' s right face on the swelling and peeling. The family immediately rushed to the hospital, the doctor said the boy right eye belongs to the desiccant burns, the right eye conjunctiva, eyelid muscles have different degrees of injury.

Why dryer ball explosion, and the power so much?

It is reported that the market is more common lime desiccant, calcium chloride desiccant, mineral desiccant and silica gel desiccant. Among them, the silica gel desiccant green, environmentally friendly, can be reused. Mineral desiccant usage is also high, some bags, clothes packaging will be placed. As for the lime desiccant, compared with the other three kinds of desiccant low cost, but strong moisture absorption effect. The dryer ball, we are more in daily contact with more lime desiccant and silica gel desiccant, the explosion is burning lime dryer ball.

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