36cm huge rubber duck "attack" Hong Kong Island

36cm huge rubber duck

Since 2007, 36cm huge rubber duck has spread the joy of the world trip, visited a number of countries and cities, including Osaka, Sydney, Australia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Saint Nazaire and Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the Netherlands.

36cm huge rubber duck to the contemporary giant inflatable art installation technology, the bathing duckling the spirit of healing to enlarge and enlarge, so Victoria Harbor suddenly become a large bathtub, and the surrounding environment side by side, become the object of public tourists competing to take pictures. Rubber duck is based on the soft yellow duck duck, is the childhood memories of many people, and regardless of age, ethnic boundaries, a symbol of happiness and good, lovely figure always make people smile.

Harbor City. The museum is hosting a 36cm huge rubber duck photo exhibition featuring photographs of the Rubber Duck World Tour. In order to let everyone feel the joy of 36cm huge rubber duck swimming in the world, the art museum specially arranges the theme in the cabin. The large wooden box in the center of the museum is full of one thousand bathing rubber ducks, accompanied by suitcase, life buoy, wooden barrel, By the rubber duck when the wizard to lead you travel the world. We can track the spread of rubber ducks happy footprint, which tastes the major cities, rivers and port customs.

In addition, the exhibition will be extended from the sea to the Harbor City Maritime Plaza open space. The scene seems to become 36cm huge rubber duck water park, twenty-four rubber ducks of different sizes, respectively, in the wrong view technology to create 3D pool play, so that we zero distance contact with a group of small rubber duck.

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